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Best Cheap Web Hosting Providers 2015

Best Cheap Web Hosting Providers 2015

You are at the right place at the right time, especially if you are looking for cheaper web hosting companies. As you may have noticed, we have iPage listed as the number one, overall best cheap web hosting service provider. This is not just because they offer affordable website hosting services.

Their reliability proves to be a major contributing factor. On delving a little deeper, you may have noticed that most of the cheapest web hosting companies boast an uptime of at least 99.9%. But, how do you know which web host would be the right one for you?

At times, it can prove to be really confusing to source the best cheap website hosting providers. This is the case as there are so many options made available. We are talking about pricing plans, specifications, and a host of other technical jargon that some site owners may not be familiar with. What is more, you will come across free web host companies that are not all that reliable due to slow connections, lack of security etc. It is best to get onboard paid hosting to develop worry free websites.

In this regard it is extremely useful to read through reviews provided to see what attracted them to their web host in the first place, and why they stayed on as loyal customers. We know how mind boggling it can be to sift through an arsenal of web host providers, which is why you will find it rather convenient that we have done the homework for you to assist you with your decision as to which of the many low cost hosting providers are worthy of your attention.

Our reviewers have gone to great lengths to ensure you get provided with an unbiased review on what we would say are the best companies for 2015. You can look forward to an open and honest behind the scenes look into why certain web hosts are seen as the best ones around.

You might have been looking high and low for affordable web hosting service providers as you are keen to set up a new online business or personal blog, and do not want to face any hassles along the way. Rest assured! You arrived at the right place as we will help you find the most reliable, top quality web hosting companies available in the USA.

Cheap Website Hosting Reviews USA

Some of our reviewers have successfully been running their own online business, and even hosted several web sites as a result with numerous web host providers through the years. In our opinion, this is what qualifies them to confidently share what they found to be useful, and which web hosts would serve your interest best. This kind of service is quite rare, and cannot easily be found elsewhere.

People often make the mistake of hosting their site with giant web hosting providers who offer unlimited bandwidth and space. In the end, they find it not all that wonderful as they do not get the kind of support they were hoping for.

Cheaper Web Hosting

Based on years of experience, and having to put up with less than desirable support and help from bigger hosting companies, it is highly recommended that you compare the cheap web hosting companies we have listed on our site to see which one will be best for your business before you just sign up. Besides, the hosting company you opt for should offer sterling features, coupled with excellent backup and support. This is key when it comes to hosting your website files with a hosting company.

What is more, you can trust the honest opinions provided in our reviews of the best low cost hosting companies. There is no need to compromise quality for the sake of getting cheaper than cheap hosting. You should carefully consider your various needs and go with a web host where the servers are stable, and you get the kind of support to put your site back on track almost immediately.

You might just need assistance in getting a script installed and are not all that technically minded. In this regard, you need to be up and running within a minimum time frame of say 10 minutes. In addition, as a website owner, you want to speak to another human instead of listening to some automated system taking you through the various steps.

You can be sure that the providers who have the ability to act on demand will score top points as affordable web hosting companies. There will be no question about it that stable web host providers with excellent backup and support would be highly desired by most.

No Compromise on Quality with Low Cost Hosting

It might have come up in your mind as to how hosting companies like iPage, Fatcow, HostGator, JustHost and GreenGeeks manages to offer such cheap web hosting without compromising on the quality of services provided?

Some of these would offer all sorts of hosting plans that come with unlimited amounts of resources, such as a free domain, low cost hosting for the first year, numerous email accounts, enough bandwidth and disk space, etc. How do they do it?

On delving a little deeper, their secret was revealed in that top hosting companies like the ones featured on our website would get users signing up to share expenses, which is where the term shared hosting originated. With this type of hosting, your site would share the same server as other web site owners.

Cheapest Web Hosting

Having said so, each individual would have his or her own secure control panel to enable them to manage their site. The cheaper web hosting providers we feature here, would never have too many users utilizing the same server. This way everyone can be sure their site or blog still loads fast due to your own server space and resource allocation.

One very important feature that site owners are concerned about is how quickly the site loads when a visitor enters the relevant URL. Luckily, prominent cheap web hosting companies such as iPage or FatCow are among the more credible web hosting service providers where security and speed is of utmost importance. In this regard, your choice of web host will not only have an effect on your speed, but can greatly influence how you rank within the search engines.

What Your Cheap Web Hosting Company Should Offer

You need to guard against using free hosting as they are generally not very reliable and have a slow connection. It is in your best interest to go with paid hosting in order to develop worry free and functional web sites.

Some of the providers we recommend make it really easy for you to set up your websites. After all, the hosting plan includes a web builder so that you can easily build your site by using a drag and drop interface. All without needing any programming skills. They even offer WordPress installations, which allows you to get a site up and running in no time at all. It is a case of simply selecting your desired theme once you have installed WordPress from the control panel. Once done, you can add your content and simply publish your site to the server.

At the end of it all, you want to go with cheaper web hosting companies such as iPage or FatCow, where you do not have to worry about your site being down or continuously calling the Help Desk to sort out one or the other issues, preventing you from running your business successfully.

You want to be with a web host service provider that will ensure your site has a 99.9% chance of uptime, without risking getting infected by all kinds of viruses. The key criteria would therefore be easy domain registration without any limits being placed on disk space, bandwidth, server speed and security.

Another key factor to bear in mind when opting for cheap web hosting, would be to ensure the web host you are thinking of using, affords you with the opportunity to set up an eCommerce site, while they have the facilities needed to accommodate additional disk space, and ensure that speed and load times do not get affected in the process. They should therefore have a secure and fast internet connection at all times to their server.

Difference Between Shared, Dedicated and VPS

Even though shared hosting would attract users searching for more affordable hosting services, there are many more benefits associated with dedicated hosting, which explains why it is worth paying the higher price. For your benefit, we have included a brief summary of shared, VPS and dedicated hosting.

Shared Hosting: The key reason why most would opt for shared hosting is that you get cheaper web hosting while still getting all the bells and whistles that would accompany other forms of hosting. One of the most important things to bare in mind though would be to find a reliable, low cost web hosting service provider. Besides, good shared hosting can be seen as the cornerstone of your website. Therefore the importance in going with a tried and tested web hosting company is paramount, as they would form the foundation of your website.

Cheap Shared Web Hosting

There are numerous advantages associated with shared hosting. Number one would be that it proves to be the cheapest way to get your site up and running on the web. This is so, as several people would share the cost of the server with you. Furthermore, you do not need any technical know how or skills as your host would take care of the server administration on your behalf.

Here are some of the benefits of shared hosting:

  • It is very cheap, from around $2 – $4 per month.
  • You get a free domain name as part of your package.
  • Super easy to get your website up and running as you are often times provided with tutorials on how to do it.
  • You have access to website builders, content management systems and eCommerce software.
  • If anything should go wrong, you could easily hook up with customer support via the help desk using live chat, email or the phone.


This type of hosting is ideal for the following:

  • If you run a self hosted blog such as WordPress
  • When your small business needs a web presence
  • Individual sites or websites for personal use
  • Store fronts that are online with small inventories
  • You wish to start an online forum community


VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting: Other sites would give an in depth explanation as to the advantages and disadvantages of using VPS hosting, and why you should look out for unmanaged versus managed VPS. Over here, we will briefly explain what VPS hosting is.

VPS hosting would fall in between a dedicated server and shared hosting. Unlike shared hosting, you would only share the server with say 10 to 40 people. Each individual would be isolated from the others, meaning you do not have to share any resources. It proves to be pretty useful in that if someone else happens to have an increase in traffic, your loading time will not be impacted. What is more, you have the power to install and configure your own server applications.

Cheap VPS Web Hosting

This type of hosting offers more resources and is ideal for the following situations:

  • Your website has outgrown a shared hosting environment
  • When clients need customised scripting installed
  • Frequent uploading or downloading of larger files are needed
  • Where bandwidth will be affected by high volumes of visitors


Dedicated Hosting: One of the biggest advantages would be its flexibility. Big businesses may opt for dedicated hosting as it gives them full control over the whole server, meaning they get to choose the hardware, storage size, operating system, and more.

The ability to customize their server to suit their needs is the main reason why larger companies would opt for dedicated hosting. In addition, the server would not share its processing power and the bandwidth with numerous clients. In this regard, businesses know that the server is set aside for their company only. In many cases, shared hosting would be used.

If you have out grown a VPS environment, then i would first like to congratulate you on creating a monster of a website! Every once in a while, a website may experience extreme growth in popularity and when this occurs, its time to move it to its own mansion on the web.

This type of hosting offers robust resources and is ideal for the following situations:

  • Rapid growth of website traffic
  • Your website loading speed is decreasing on VPS
  • Your VPS provider can no longer increase performance
  • You want a dedicated machine for your site only


Just looking at some of the benefits might take you back a few years ago when you would easily have to fork out $10 or more for hosting your site on a monthly basis. But, like all things in life, other hosting providers hopped on board as they wanted their piece of the large pie of customers who were situated all over America.

Nowadays, it is a whole different story, as you will come across a host of low cost hosting providers. Having said so, you need to know which is which, and what useful features and benefits provided are a suitable match to your specific requirements.

What is more, there is certainly no need to opt for more expensive hosting plans such as VPS or dedicated hosting when you want to operate as a blogger or small business website owner. People in the know would tell you that there is no need to pay more than you have to. Next, we will have a look why shared hosting is still the best option for most.

Why Most Users Opt for Cheap Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting benefits both the service provider and the user in more ways than one. First of all, users get to enjoy secure, controlled and affordable web hosting as well as reliable servers that are maintained 24/7 due to the high amount of customers using it.

Most web site owners find it a real blessing to utilize shared web hosting due to its efficiency, low cost, affordability, and various benefits offered. After all, there are some truly amazing web hosting plans made available these days that costs less than the price of a cappuccino per month. In addition, you can look forward to effective customer services solutions where you can get all kinds of support, ranging from dealing with technical to billing inquiries.

The server administration is taken care of, which allows you to focus on getting new business while cheaper web hosting companies will ensure they make use of the latest anti-virus programs, software and backups. After all, the server is shared by a couple of users, and it is their responsibility to ensure all accounts are regularly updated. Another huge benefit with regards to shared hosting is that cheap web hosting providers would provide free scripts and multiple emails.

How to Select the best Cheaper Web Hosting Company

Why would you have to search high and low for low cost hosting providers when we have done all the footwork on your behalf. This is especially helpful should you not be familiar with the technical aspects of web hosting, which is often needed when you opt for unmanaged dedicated hosting. Actual reviews of people just like you are listed on our site so you can compare the various features and benefits for you to make an informed decision.

Cheapest Web Hosting and Costs

At first, you need to decide what features are most important to you. Customer service might be at the top of your list as you would want someone to walk you through the various steps in getting your website live. Accessibility is another major concern for most and will require a good knowledge about things like server downtime and bandwidth limitations.

Rest assured, regular testing are being conducted to ensure the low cost hosting providers listed on our site conform to set requirements. Our main aim is to assist you in sourcing the best cheaper web hosting companies, and to ensure they maintain a high standard at all times. If they don’t, then we will replace the said web host with another. This is our guarantee to you.

Some of the basic questions that will effectively be answered by our web hosting reviews include:

  1. Knowing the background/history of the web host – How long have they been in existence, and if they have been successfully reviewed?
  2. Concerns around scheduled maintenance – What impact will their scheduled maintenance have on my site, and how long does the server stay down? Are there any other conflicts that may cause specific server interruptions?
  3. Can I rely on customer support to be available 24/7?
  4. What would the average connection speed be for all users who have access to the server?
  5. What amount of data will be allowed by the web host, and at what point will I have to pay for additional storage?

We are there for you to ensure you always get the kind of support you were hoping for from the cheap web hosting company you selected based on our recommendations. Please drop us an email and detail the exact issue you are not happy with. Our team will do their level best to find a workable solution and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

We Need Your Help with Reviews on Cheap Web Hosting Providers

Choosing an affordable web hosting company is critical to the success of your business, should you have a site you want to utilize for generating an online income. This is why you want to be sure you have selected the right web host.

After all, why should you chance it when it comes to something so important as being on board the best shared hosting company for your particular requirements.

Rest assured, our reviewers left no stone unturned to source the right low cost hosting providers who generally provide the exact services required. But, that is not all. We go one step further! We do not leave anything to chance, which is why we would welcome any feedback that will prove to be in the best interest of everyone concerned.

It is very important that we get the right kind of feedback on any affordable website hosting company that we recommended for the benefit of those hoping to sign up with a reliable and low-cost web host. You may know of a cheaper web hosting company not listed currently, that you think are worthy of our recognition.

We therefore encourage you to visit the pages on our website that explains the features of each featured provider and submit your review on the cheap web hosting company you think would be most valuable to all our readers. Besides, a little education goes a long way to assist others in making the right decision. Based on your recommendation, our readers will have a chance to make the right decision with regards to the perfect web hosting provider.

In addition, our site will prove to be a valuable source of information as people visiting will know they are getting an unbiased opinion from people just like them. Who knows, the low cost web hosting company suggested by you may just get the next spot on our Top 5 cheap web hosting providers leaderboard.

If you have any questions or concerns about any content displayed on this website, please dont hesitate to contact us and we shall reply within 24 hours. Your feedback, reviews and comments are most important to us and will help us develop our website to better suit your needs.


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